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New Member Business Spotlight

Ultra Lawn Services, LLC
John Stanley, President
522 Lakewood Farmingdale Rd
Howell, NJ

How did you come to be in this line of work?
After ranking top salesman for a large lawn service company, and then a layoff as a fertilizer salesman to garden centers, Johns's love for growing things at Horticultural vocational school inspired him to start his own lawn service company.

What makes you different from others in this field?
We are a small local family owned and run company. The owner has hands on lawn service expertise. We will only sell what your lawn needs at the right timing for your lawn's conditions.

Who would use your services or product? Homeowners, property managers. People who don't have time to do it themselves. Anyone who needs well managed turf at their home or business grounds.

What do you regard as your greatest achievement in business to date?
Retained hundreds of repeat residential and commercial lawn service customers for over 20 years. Steady 5% growth year after year. Provide 2 full time jobs to local people.

What do you hope to get out of your chamber membership?
Brand awareness for our company. Involvement in and support to our community. Networking with other local businesses.

What committees would you be interested in participating in? Not sure yet.

Tell us something others may find of interest about you.
John Stanley writes songs and music and has been in several bands that have played in popular clubs at the Jersey Shore. John's song “MG Amie” was played on the national radio show Car Talk.

What is your favorite activity or hobby?
John loves to play his guitar and he collects Schwinn bicycles.

What is your life motto(s)?
This is what we do.

New Vision Technology Group
Christopher Alfano, Owner/Technology Consultant
704 Ginesi Drive
Morganville, NJ

How did you come to be in this line of work?
I have always had a strong interest in technology, connectivity, and entrepreneurship. When I was in college, I owned and operated two cell phone stores and an online business that refurbished and resold used cell phones. Upon graduating college, I secured a job in corporate information technology, and since then, I have collaborated with companies of all sizes, from large, publicly-traded corporations to mid-sized, private businesses. No matter what the setting, I strive to maximize the benefits of technology in line with budgetary limitations. I have always been intrigued by connectivity, such as voice and data networking, and the underlying systems that connect devices.

I started New Vision Technology Group to bring the benefits of an IT director to the small and medium-sized business sector at more affordable prices. I established relationships with technology vendors and suppliers and strategized to limit IT costs without sacrificing accessibility and quality.

What makes you different from others in this field?
The staff at New Vision Technology brings to the table a high level of expertise, knowledge, and training, with hands-on experience and backgrounds specific to a wide range of corporate IT consulting and management needs, as well as web development and branding. We are skilled at strategic technology needs assessments, system analyses, and solution implementations. Our IT technicians communicate directly with our clients throughout all phases of IT development and support, both remotely and on-site, rather than having our clients talk to “sales people.” We provide our clients with innovative technology, software, connectivity, and applications that enable them to operate their businesses with efficiency, goal attainment, maximum return on technology investment, and peace of mind. Our reputation is founded upon trust, reliability, and client communication.

Who would use your services or product?
New Vision Technology provides integrated, proactive IT consulting and management services to store owners, service and product-based businesses, small and large corporations, and professional associations. Our clients range from single-location “mom and pop” stores to global, multi-site organizations, which has honed our expertise in delivering customized, comprehensive IT, web design, connectivity, and branding solutions across the business spectrum.

What do you regard as your greatest achievement in business to date?
At New Vision Technology, we are most proud of fulfilling our mission to deliver optimal enterprise-class IT services to small businesses and entrepreneurs to maximize their returns on IT investments. Our experts assist clients with achieving their business and professional goals, which proves to be very rewarding.

As a professional, I am most proud of helping clients achieve business success, mentoring employees, and introducing interns and recent graduates to corporate-world technology.

What do you hope to get out of your chamber membership?
Through my chamber membership, I would like the opportunity to educate small business owners on the value of technology optimization, the importance of building a strong website and online presence, and the necessity of branding. I want fellow chamber members to understand how the proper IT and website strategies can grow their businesses, without costing a fortune. I also look forward to cultivating meaningful professional relationships and synergies with other chamber members and using members’ services.

What committees would you be interested in participating in? 
I would be most interested in joining the chamber’s website/technology and business development committees.

Tell us something others may find of interest about you.
My wife, Jessica, and I have lived in Howell since 2015 and are enjoying getting to know the community and its people.

What is your favorite activity or hobby?
As a hobby, I enjoy amateur “ham” radio.

What is your life motto(s)?
“Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box.” -Deepak Chopra

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